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Hiking pass

Collect destinations and earn a badge

With the Kaiserwinkl hiking pass the lovely tradition of collecting hiking pin badges lives on. It provides an incentive to keep venturing to new destinations. That's how it works: Collect a hiking pass in the tourist information office in Kössen or Walchsee or install the Smartphone-App SummitLynx free of charge, head for the destinations of your choice and get your pass stamped when you get to these destinations. Then show your pass or the smartphone in the tourist information office and collect your reward - the pin badge (€ 3 per adult).

For children: At the end of each family hike you can look forward to another animal. Get to know exciting and interesting facts about the animal. If you stamp the Kaiserwinkl hiking pass, you get for reaching four family destinations the Kaiserwinkl hiking-fox badge (with the Kaiserwinkl Card free of charge for kids).

Collect badges on your Smartphone


Anyone who has a Smartphone no longer needs a paper hiking pass. All you need to do is install the "SummitLynx" App free of charge on your GPS-capable mobile phone and register.

When you reach your chosen destination, open the App and register the fact that you have been at this location – even if you cannot get Internet reception. Take a photo and enter it in the App's virtual 'summit book'. SummitLynx calculates how many destinations you have been to and automatically 'awards' bronze, silver or gold medals.

Of course – as with a stamped pass – your "real" hiking badges are issued in the tourist information offices in Kaiserwinkl.

> SummitLynx in the Play Store (Android)

> SummitLynx in the Apple App Store

All hiking destinations for the Kaiserwinkl hiking pass

Hiking fox: reach 4 out of 9 possible destinations

Destination-Nr./Animal Destination Location Tour suggestion Hiking log/ stamp point
F1/Beaver Schmugglerweg Kössen > Schmugglerweg Klobenstein > Pictures
F2/Owl Peternhof Kössen > Moosen - Peternhof > Pictures
F3/Badger Jausenstation Mühlberghof Kössen > Jausenstation Mühlberghof > Pictures
F4/Fox Edernalm Kössen > Edernalm > Pictures
F5/Chamois Stubenalm Schwendt > Stubenalm - Schnappen > Pictures
F6/Rabbit Ottenalm Walchsee > Walchsee - Ottenalm > Pictures
F7/Deer Schwarzenbachalm Walchsee > Raineralm - Schwarzenbachalm - Lippenalm > Pictures
F8/Groundhog Gasthof Zahmer Kaiser Walchsee > Gasthof Zahmer Kaiser > Pictures
F9/Capercaillie Wildbichlalm Rettenschöss > Wildbichlalm > Pictures

silver hiking pin

Destination-Nr. Destination Location Tour suggestion Hiking log/stamp point
S 1 Taubenseehütte Kössen > Taubensee > Pictures
S 2 Unterberghorn Kössen > Unterberghorn > Pictures
S 3 Lackalm Schwendt > Lackalm > Pictures
S 4 Kohlalm Schwendt > Kohlalm > Pictures
S 5 Wandberghütte Rettenschöss > Wandberghaus > Pictures
S 6 Lochner waterfall Walchsee > Lochner waterfall > Pictures
S 7 Harauer Saddle Walchsee > Haraualm > Pictures

gold hiking pin

Destination-Nr. Destination Location Tour suggestion Hiking log/stamp point
G 1 Rudersburg Kössen > Rudersburg > Pictures
G 2 Straubinger Haus/Eggenalm Kössen > Straubinger Haus - Eggenalm > Pictures
G 3 Scheibenkogel Schwendt > Scheibenkogel > Pictures
G 4 Schnappenstein Schwendt > Schnappenstein > Pictures
G 5 Stripsenjochhaus Schwendt o. Walchsee > Stripsenjoch > Pictures
G 6 Heuberg Walchsee > Heuberg > Pictures
G 7 Breitenstein Walchsee > Breitenstein > Pictures

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Dimitrios Toumpakaris

Lochner Wasserfall

25.03.2023 14:32

Dimitrios Toumpakaris


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Anton Schlechter


19.03.2023 08:36

Manuela Fellner


17.03.2023 15:41

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