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Multi-day hike

In the Kaiser mountains

The Kaiser mountains at the gateway to Tyrol are an inspiring hiking area. In contrast to the gently rolling hills of the Chiemgauer Alps on the northern side and the Kitzbühler Alps on the southern side, the "Koasa" juts out, rough and ragged, at over 2300 metres altitude.

A three-day hike brings together all these different landscapes in one tour. Hike from Kufstein between the Wilder and Zahmer Kaiser to Stripsenjochhaus and continue via Lake Walchsee to Kössen (former Adlerweg trail stages 90, 91, 92). An alternative start from Kössen makes this hike a round-trip.

Tip - this hike is brilliant if you want to avail of public transport services. Kufstein is very well connected by rail, from Kössen you can get back to Kufstein in 45 minutes by bus.

  • Aufstieg zum Stripenjoch im Kaisergebirge - Tirol
    Approach Strips - between the Wilder and Zahmer Kaiser Mountian Ranges
  • Wilder-Kaiser Maukspitze Ackerspitze nord von schwendt Kaiserwinkl
    The north faces of Maukspitze and Ackerlspitze - view from Schwendt in Kaiserwinkl
  • Kaiserwinkl Wander Blumen Walchsee Tirol
    Hike to Heuberg - above Lake Walchsee

Stage 1

From Kufstein or Griesenau to Stripsenjochhaus

Day 1

Characteristics Stage 1, Kufstein access
Starting point Kufstein (499 m)
Finish point Stripsenjochhaus (1.577 m)
Uphill 1.150 m
Downhill 50 m
Highest point 1.577 m
Difficulty mittelschwierig (rot)
Length 11 km
Walking time 5 Std.

The location of Stripsenjochhaus is unique, at the crossing of the Kaiserbachtal to Kaisertal and at the intersection of the Zahmer Kaiser. The impressive Kaiser summits, the Totenkirchl, Fleischbank and Predigtstuhl are close by. From here you can catch sight of the Kaiser summits, the Guffert, the Pendling and the Bavarian foothills of the Alps. In the east your eye is drawn to the Loferer and Leoganger Stone Mountains.

Edurance is required for this stage, other than that there are no specific difficult sections and it is suitable for children aged twelve and over.

Alternativ ascent - coming from the east, from the car park at Griesner Alm (toll) to Kaiserbachtal in around 2 hours (steep!). Easy to get to by bus from Kössen/Schwendt.

Overnight stay: Stripsenjochhaus, Tel. +43 (0)664 3559094


hiking, medium

  • Uphill
    (cumulative values)

    633 m

  • distance
    total in km

    3,5 km

  • duration
    in hrs

    4:30 h


Stage 2

From Stripsenjochhaus to Walchsee

Day 2

Characteristics Stage 2
Starting point Stripsenjochhaus (1.577 m)
Finish point Walchsee
Uphill 500 m
Downhill 1.400 m
Highest point 1.600 m
Difficulty mid (red)
Length 17 km
Walking time 6 h

Impressive rock faces, Alpine pastures and flower-filled meadows provide some scenic variety on this route. The modest Hochalm building, which is very much like it originally was and has not really changed, invites you to enjoy a longer rest stop. From the Heuberg there is an incomparable view to Lake Walchsee, to the Inntal and over to the Chiemgau Alps.

At the destination, the 25 metre deep and covering an area of around one hectare Lake Walchsee provides refreshment in the summer with temperatures of between 20 and 24 degrees.

This stage requires andurance and a decent amount of surefootedness and is suitable for those aged 14 and over.


hiking, medium

  • Uphill
    (cumulative values)

    829 m

  • distance
    total in km

    16,9 km

  • duration
    in hrs

    6:00 h


Stage 3

From Walchsee via Wandberg and Karalm to Kössen

Day 3

Characteristics Stage 3
Starting point Walchsee (668 m)
Finish point Kössen (589 m)
Uphill 1.150 m
Downhill 1.250 m
Highest point 1.661 m
Difficulty mid (red)
Length 20 km
Walking time 8 h

You pass through a nature conversation are. Covering more than 60 hectares, Schwemm is the biggest maintained moor landscape in North Tyrol and provides a habitat for rare plant and animal species.

The many Alpine pastures which you pass through are characteristic of this stage. At Burgeralm there is an adjoining show cheese dairy, which makes organic produce. On the Breitenstein you get to enjoy a fantastic panorama, to the Hohe Tauern for instance, with the Großglockner, the Kitzbühler Horn and the Wilder Kaiser. From here you can also make out the Zillertaler Alps and the flatlands in the north.

Staffen bridge in Kössen is one of the biggest wooden bridges in Europe and, as was the way for historic bridges, covered. Endurance and fitness are required for this stage which is suitable for those aged 15 and over.

Etappe 92

hiking, medium

  • Uphill
    (cumulative values)

    1521 m

  • distance
    total in km

    21,6 km

  • duration
    in hrs

    8:00 h


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