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Moorland "Schwemm"

The Schwemm Moorlands

The Schwemm with its 65 ha is the largest contiguous moorland in North Tyrol. The diversity of the wetlands has been making the Natura 2000-area a natural gem since 2003. In North Tyrol, there are around 70 species of dragonflies, of which 33 species are found in the Schwemm. An observation tower near the Moarwirt Inn makes the moor accessible to visitors. Watching rare species of plants and animals or joining a guided tour of the moor make for unforgettable memories. That's why it's an important objective to preserve this moorland with its unique species of plants and animals!

  • Kaiserwinkl Schwemm Walchsee Ausflug Aussicht Turm Kind Familie
  • Kaiserwinkl Schwemm Walchsee Fuehrung Kind Familie
    Moorführung beim Aussichtstum über die Schwemm - Tirols größtem Moor
  • Kaiserwinkl Schwemm Walchsee Moor Rundweg Spaziergang Wander
    Rundwanderung um die Schwemm in Walchsee, Tirol

Discover the moorland "Schwemm" with our experts

Did you know that according to traditional popular belief downy birches can be heard crying and wailing when injured? Or that a sprig of bog rosemary under your pillow will make dreams come true?

The moor guides Manu, Steffi, Andi and Gerhard introduce the whole family to the fascinating world of animals and plants. Frogs or newts, dragonflies or water beetles, there is plenty to see. Apart from entertaining and informative games, we are also equipped with scoop nets to go on the hunt for the inhabitants of the moorland.

Weekly you can join the experience at the Schwemm, this unique natural gem, with all your senses and enjoy pure nature. It's an adventure for the whole family. Meeting point is the 16m high platform where you have an breathtaking view.

Please register in advance at the information office (0043/50 11 00) by Friday 17:00 hrs.

For the whole family!

Every Sunday from May 30th to October 10th 2021
from 14:00 to 17:00
Meeting point: Schwemm Tower

By the way: always open is the 16 m high observation tower. It offers breath-taking panoramic views of the beautiful landscape.

  • Schwemm Bilder
  • Schwemm Bilder
  • Schwemm Bilder

Discover the moorland the 'Schwemm' with our experts

Discover the moorland the 'Schwemm' with our experts

02:00 PM

Discover the moorland the 'Schwemm' with our experts

Schwemmturm in der Nähe Moarhof, Walchsee

Experience the Schwemm, Tyrol’s largest Moorlands The 16 m high observation tower offers breath-taking panoramic views of this fascinating landscape. The moor guides Manu, Steffi, Andi and Gerhard...


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