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Best Price Guarantee

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On you can book for the best price - all hotels and accommodation providers marked with BEST PRICE GUARANTEE ensure you get the latest and best price on our website. Should you find a cheaper offer on the internet despite the great efforts in our pricing, the accommodation you book will reimburse you the differnece in price.


You have an existing booking with The price difference relates to the exact same offering (product), therefore ...

  • The same accommodation
  • The same time period
  • The same room category
  • The same arrival and departure days
  • Is bookable online
  • The price must be able tobe confirmed by third parties on request

Your obligation

You must provide the hotel with proof of the cheaper offer within 24 hours of making a booking. Send the accommodation an email with the following details: Reservation or booking number and a screenshot of the website with the cheaper offer displayed. This must clearly have the following visible:

  • Dates of stay
  • Room type
  • Occupancy type
  • Detailed price listing
  • Possible services inluded in the price
  • Date and time of the comparison
  • The website address (URL)


The following cases are excepted from the guarantee ...

  • Bookings made on auction websites(e.g. ebay,animod)
  • Package prices that include further services like half-board,airport transfer, massages etc.
  • Bookings made through non-transparent booking channels (for instance via Priceline, where the name of the hotel is only revealed after the booking)
  • Special prices for hotel stays in the form of special offers,bonus or loyalty offers, gorup prices, conference prices, prices for members of associationsor organisations, travel agency prices, media prices staff offers or similar special offers
  • Unpublished prices for hotel stays
  • Price differences caused by differences in exchange rates, sales tax etc.

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