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Travel insurance

Protection against cancellation fees and other costs

You can insure yourself against the unforunate case that events interfere with your holiday in Kaiserwinkl. Travel insurance saves hassle and money! No matter if you have to finish your holiday early or you aren't able to arrive at all as planned due to an illness - insurance makes sure that you won't lose out financially.

European Travel Insurance


We recommend Europäische Reiseversicherung as an insurance partner. You can choose between two options:

The Hotel Cancellation Plus insurance provides cover tor the following scenarios: curtailment of travel, late start of booked stay, involuntary extension of the holiday and search an rescue costs.

The Hotel Cancellation Premium includes, along with extended cancellation reasons, also compensation for costs of accidents.

While booking online on you can complete your travel insurence right away. Alternativeley, we will send you a link with which you can purchase insurance with Europäische Reiseversicherung in every confirmation of a booking. To get valid insurance cover, the policy must be completed no later than five working days after the booking.

Extended reasons

  • Sudden serious illness
  • Accident or death of a person insured or family member
  • Damage to property
  • Blameless unemployment
  • A call up tp the military or civilian service
  • Filing for divorce
  • Failure to pass school-leaving examinations
  • Court summons

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