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Terms and data protection

General Terms and Conditions/Data Protection Kaiserwinkl Tourism Board

Making an online booking on is free of charge. Payment takes place entirely and directly with your accommodation provider. Guests agree that in the case of not fulfilling a booking, any credit card details provided will be passed to a third party (the booked accommodation provider) in order for any cancellation costs to be charged. The 14-day right to cancel in accordance with § 18 para. 1 no. 10 of the FAGG law does not exist. To the given e-mail address the booker automatically receives an e-mail with link to evaluate the accommodation.

When booking an individually selected accommodation, the Kaiserwinkl Tourist Board acts only as an intermediary (in the name and on the account of the service provider). Essentially the General Terms and Conditions for Hotels of the Austrian Hotel Association ÖHV (AGBH 2006) apply with these cancellation rules:

3 months or more 3 to 1 month 1 month to 1week up to 1 week
no fee 40 % 70 % 90 %

Should the accommodation provider disclose its own terms and conditions on cancellations and payment in making the booking, these then apply.

If booking a complete offering (package) where Kaiserwinkl Incoming is explicitly cited as a service partner, the General Conditions of Travel of the Austrian association of travel agencies (ARB 1992) apply. The Kaiserwinkl Tourist Board acts in this case as a tour operator.

Data protection provisions

For the Kaiserwinkl Tourist Board, the satisfaction of its visitors enjoys the highest priority. For that reason, the Kaiserwinkl Tourist Board utilises the latest technologies for protecting privacy and meets the strictest security requirements for data protection. The use and lawfulness of the data processing results from the Austrian data protection law as well as from the regulation (EU) 2016/679 (DSGVO 2018).

Personal data are processed and transmitted by the Tourist Association Kaiserwinkl only in a lawful manner - in particular for the fulfillment of contractual obligations, on the basis of predominant legitimate interests or on the basis of the consent of the user.

What information do we collect and why?
If you register with our services or make use of a service - for instance making a booking - we gather and save the data that you yourself disclose. For example your names, telephone number, address, email address, interests, dates of arrival and departure, accommodation and more of the like.

Some information is automatically collected and analysed without your involvement. This includes access to services, the IP address of your computer plus information about your internet access, the operating system and the browser used. We also collect information on your visit to the website. This includes, for example, the time of your visit to our website and the pages, content and services that you click on there or the content and services that you search for.

Transferring data
If you make a booking or request, your details will be transferred to the recipient service provider chosen by you (hotel, guesthouse, apartment building etc.) in order to handle your reservation or request. Otherwise the Kaiserwinkl Tourist Board does not make your data available to third parties, unless you expressly agree to it being transferred. The Kaiserwinkl Tourist Board is under some circumstances obliged to transfer your personal data due to applicable laws or if this is needed for compliance with legal obligations or to defend against legal claims made against the Kaiserwinkl Tourist Board.

Data information
At any time you can receive information on the data stored by us. You also have the right to correct, delete and block incorrect details. Deleting data can, however, prevent contractual or legal requirements from being fulfilled, in particular with the proper fulfilment of a contract for a booking.

Newsletter, morning mail
By subscribing to the newsletter, the user, in accordance with Article 6 Abs. 1 lit a DSGVO , gives his conclusive consent that his data may be used for the regular sending of the newsletter and the morning mail.

Cookies are small files that make it easier and quicker for you to use our online offering. They are saved by your browser on the hard drive of your computer but do not contain any personal information at all in order to keep protecting your privacy. Cookies enable convenient functions for you, for instance in automatically displaying frequently used details when revisiting the website. Most browsers automatically accept cookies. You can change the settings of your browser though to prevent this. In this case you can, however, not use some functions or not use some functions or not use them so comfortably.

Data security
All data that you make available to us during a booking or order is encrypted with the SSL (Secure Socket Layer) procedure and transferred. This ensures that the full range of security management is used in `public key cryptography´, through which the entire communication between your browser and our system is encrypted.

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