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Rettenschöss Feistenau towards Wandberg

hiking, easy

200m after the Gasthaus Schöne Aussicht you will find a barrier that you cross. Follow the paved road through the cool shady forest in the direction of the Rettenbachalmen. After the forest the asphalt changes into a gravel road and the alpine area begins. Along the Rettenbachalmen you can enjoy a great view of the Zahmer Kaiser. After another 45 minutes on the public alpine road, you will find the two mountain pastures "Wandberghütte" and "Almkäserei Burgeralm".

Please note that during the summer months, grazing livestock is also on the pastures. Adapt to the behavior of the animals and take a detour if necessary.

Rettenschöss Feistenau towards Wandberg

hiking, easy

  • Uphill
    (cumulative values)

    353 m

  • distance
    total in km

    9,0 km

  • duration
    in hrs

    3:30 h

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