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Big Griesbach Loop

hiking, medium

The big Griesbach loop follows the short Griesbach loop all the way to the second suspension bridge, but this time you make a right instead of a left. After a few minutes the trail leads past a roaring waterfall. In the ensuing section of the trail the water flows quietly, and there is a stillness in the air. After hiking up and out of the gorge, you will reach a second waterfall.  The trail then continues into a wide valley with sand bars where you can relax and enjoy the scenery. Continue past the sand bars further into valley. At a junction, turn left and continue across a bridge to the Griesbachkanzel vista point. Follow the historic lumberjack trail through a pristine forest back to the parking lot. 

Big Griesbach Loop

hiking, medium

  • Uphill
    (cumulative values)

    236 m

  • distance
    total in km

    6,1 km

  • duration
    in hrs

    2:30 h

Path surface

gravel and rocky paths

Recommended equipment

Steady trekking shoes
Functional shirt
Snacks and full drink bottles
Fully charged mobile phone and charger
First aid kit
Sun protection


Starting from the region St. Johann in Tirol (Click here for driving description) Follow B178 with direction to Lofer, turn right at parking lot Griesbachklamm (Salzburger Straße)


Parking lot Griesbachklamm 

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