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Kaiserwinkl Egascht Fest'l

28.05.2023 in Walchsee

Bringing in the first swathe, or the first hay was once called the 'Egascht Mahd'. Based on this date and old traditions, in Walchsee the 'Egascht Fest'l' is always celebrated on Whit Sunday. An extensive programme, along with the authenticity of the presentation, has meant the festival has been very popular - not only in the Kaiserwinkl but beyond Tyrol's borders, into Bavaria.

  • Egascht Fest 2019
    Kaiserwinkl, Egascht, festival,
  • Egascht Fest 2019
    Kaiserwinkl, tent, music
  • Egascht Fest 2019
    Kaiserwinkl, musicchapel
  • Egascht Fest 2019
    Kaiserwinkl, Egaschtfest, music
  • Kaiserwinkl, music, welcome
    Kaiserwinkl, music, welcome

22 nd Egascht Festival 2019 - report on Tirol TV

Free bus transfer to Egascht Fest'l

A free return bus transfer service between Schwendt, Kössen and Rettenschöss makes it possible for locals and vistors alike to get to festival on Sunday without any hassle and enjoy a safe journey home too.

Rettenschöss – Primau - Durchholzen – Walchsee

Bus stop Time Time
Rettenschöss Feuerwehrhaus 11:10 am 16:00 pm
Rettenschöss Primau 11:17 am 16:07 pm
Rettenschöss Fuchsanger 11:19 am 16:09 pm
Rettenschöss Schmidtal 11:22 am 16:11 pm
Durchholzen 11:24 am 16:13 pm
Durchholzen Amberg 11:25 am 16:15 pm
Infobüro Walchsee 11:28 am 16:17 pm

Schwendt – Kössen - Walchsee

Bus stop Time Time
Schwendterwirt 10:30 am 03:00 pm
Schwendt Kreuzhäusl 10:32 am 03:02 pm
Eurocamp Kössen 10:35 am 03:05 pm
Kössen Hüttwirt 10:36 am 03:06 pm
VZ Kaiserwinkl 10:40 am 03:10 pm
Hotel Waidachstube 10:42 am 03:12 pm
Hotel Sonneck 10:43 am 03:13 pm
Hochaubrücke/Bichlach 10:46 am 03:16 pm
Hotel Seehof 10:50 am 03:20 pm
Seehotel Brunner 10:51 am 03:21 pm
Infobüro Walchsee 10:52 am 03:22 pm

Return to Durchholzen and Rettenschöss

Bus stop Time Time
Infobüro Walchsee 05:45 pm 10:15 pm

Return to Durchholzen and Rettenschöss

Bus stop Time Time
Infobüro Walchsee 06:30 pm 11:00 pm

Other events at this weekend



05:00 PM


Fischerangerl, Walchsee

5:00 pm start of the children's race followed by a prize-giving ceremony   7:00 pm Start relay race Adults then prize distribution (9:00 pm)   Start number issue from 16:00 clock in the...


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