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Kaiserwinkl Alpine Ballooning

The ballooning week each january

Join the famous balloning event in Kaiserwinkl/Tyrol each year in january. More than 50 teams take off for daily flights across the Kaiser Mountains or even cross the alps - as far as Italy.

During the ballooning week in Kaiserwinkl from 20.01. to 27.01.2018, you can see a very special spectacle. Every day, countless colourful balloons take to the skies and blend in with the snow-covered crags of the Kaisergebirge mountain range to form postcard images. The pros’ points races are eagerly followed from the ground. The exhibition flights see balloons of the most unusual shapes take to the skies. In addition to the extensive number of fringe events with horse-drawn carriages and jolly good cabin-fun, the opportunity to hitch a cheap ride is, of course, a very special crowd puller. Don't miss the highlight, the 'Night Glowing' evening with hot drinks and fireworks.

Breathe mountain air in the basket - Kaiserwinkl ride 220,- Euro, Adventure ride 260,- Euro; Registration by phone 0043 664 5050 571

  • Kaiserwinkl Ballon Korb Tirol Fahrt Kaiser Alpen Winter
    Ballon Pilotin bei der Kaiserwinkl Ballonfahrerwoche, über dem Kaisergebirge, Austria
  • Kaiserwinkl Ballon Tirol Österreich Alpen
  • Kaiserwinkl Ballon Woche Nightglowing Tirol Alpen Winter
  • Kaiserwinkl Ballon Woche Start Gegenlicht
    Kaiserwinkl Alpine Ballooning - Start in Kössen
  • Kaiserwinkl Ballon Woche Walchsee Tirol in der Luft
    Kaiserwinkl Alpine Ballooning - Die Ballone heben ab von Walchsee, Tirol


Date Program
20.01.2018 Arrival of the teams
21.01.2018 11:00 am "Official Opening"
23.01., 25.01., 27.01.2018 10:00 am starts in Kössen/Hüttfeld
22.01., 24.01., 26.01.2018 10:00 am starts in Walchsee/Kirchplatz
24.01.2018 19:00 pm "Night Glowing" in Kössen/Hüttfeld with hot drinks and fireworks, auxiliary date is thursday 25.01.2018
27.01.2018 Goodbye

Free Bus Shuttle Nightglowing


Schwendt - Kössen - Walchsee

Station Time
Schwendterwirt 18:50 pm
Schwendt Kreuzhäusl 18:52 pm
Hüttwirt 18:55 pm
VZ Kaiserwinkl 18:58 pm
Landbrücke Kreisverkehr 19:02 pm
Hotel Waidachstube 19:04 pm
Hotel Sonneck 19:06 pm
Hochaubrücke/Bichlach 19:09 pm
Hotel Seehof 19:16 pm
Seehotel Brunner 19:18 pm
Arrival Infobüro Walchsee 19:20 pm

Rettenschöss - Durchholzen - Walchsee

Station Time
Rettenschöss Feuerwehrhaus 19:35 pm
Rettenschöss Primau 19:42 pm
Durchholzen 19:44 pm
Durchholzen Amberg 19:46 pm
Kaufhaus Erharter 19:48 pm
Arrival Infobüro Walchsee 19:50 pm


Walchsee - Durchholzen - Rettenschöss

Station Time
Infobüro Walchsee 22:00 pm

Walchsee - Kössen - Schwendt

Station Time
Infobüro Walchsee 22:25 pm

Kaiserwinkl Alpin Ballooning, Tirol

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