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Kaiserwinkl Alpine Ballooning

The ballooning week 25.01. - 01.02.2020

The Kaiserwinkl Alpin Ballooning is a very special event in our region.
At the beginning of the year a lot of ballooning teams from all over Europe will arrive to Kaiserwinkl. But also the spectators down on the ground can enjoy the race lot.
Every day, the top-class teams start to different rides and decorate the winter landscape in Kaiserwinkl with their colorful hot air balloons. As a visitor, you can be there from the start preparations and watch the colorful balloon covers getting filled with hot air and then disappear along the proud flanks of the Kaisergebirge, into the bright blue sky. In the middle of the week there will be our program highlight the "Night Glowing".
With a warming mulled wine you can admire an impressive light performance of the hot air balloons with a sensational firework as a highlight.
You want to join a ride?! Then book an unforgettable trip in the hot air balloon now!
Kaiserwinkl tour from EUR 220.00; Reservation and information at
www.ballooning, 0043/664 50 50 571

  • Kaiserwinkl Ballon Korb Tirol Fahrt Kaiser Alpen Winter
    Ballon Pilotin bei der Kaiserwinkl Ballonfahrerwoche, über dem Kaisergebirge, Austria
  • Kaiserwinkl Ballon Tirol Österreich Alpen
  • Kaiserwinkl Ballon Woche Nightglowing Tirol Alpen Winter
  • Kaiserwinkl Ballon Woche Start Gegenlicht
    Kaiserwinkl Alpine Ballooning - Start in Kössen
  • Kaiserwinkl Ballon Woche Walchsee Tirol in der Luft
    Kaiserwinkl Alpine Ballooning - Die Ballone heben ab von Walchsee, Tirol

Programme Ballooning

Day Programme
Saturday 25.01.2020 Arrival of the ballooning teams
Sunday 26.01.2020 11:00 a.m. official opening of the 19. Kaiserwinkl Alpin-Ballooning in Kössen/Hüttfeld, presentation of the teams and start of the first competition
Monday 27.01., Wednesday 29.01., Friday 31.01.2020 Start in Walchsee/Kirchplatz at 10:00 a.m., depending on weather, passenger rides possible
Tuesday 28.01., Thursday 30.01., Saturday 01.02.2020 Start in Kössen/Hüttfeld at 10:00 a.m., depending on weather, passenger rides possible
Wednesday 29.01.2020 19:30 p.m. Night Glowing with mulled wine and fireworks in Kössen/Hüttfeld - free bus transfer from Rettenschöss, Walchsee and Schwendt
Saturday 01.02.2020 departure of the ballooning teams

Free Bus Shuttle Nightglowing


Rettenschöss - Durchholzen - Walchsee

Haltestelle Uhrzeit
Rettenschöss Feuerwehrhaus 19:00 Uhr
Rettenschöss Primau 19:07 Uhr
Walchsee Durchholzen 19:09 Uhr
Walchsee Durchholzen Amberg 19:10 Uhr
Kaufhaus Erharter 19:11 Uhr
Walchsee Dorfplatz 19:12 Uhr
Walchsee Seehotel Brunner 19:14 Uhr
Kössen Kranzach 19:15 Uhr
Kössen Bichlach 19:19 Uhr
Kössen Gh Sonneck 19:21 Uhr
Kössen Waidachstube 19:22 Uhr
Kössen Landbrücke Kreisverkehr (Steig A) 19:23 Uhr
Veranstaltungszentrum Kaiserwinkl 19:26 Uhr
Ankunft Zimmerei Exenberger 19:28 Uhr

Schwendt - Kössen

Haltestelle Uhrzeit
Schwendt Ort 19:35 Uhr
Schwendt Kreuzhäusl 19:38 Uhr
Eurocamp Kössen 19:41 Uhr
Hüttwirt 19:43 Uhr
Ankunft Zimmerei Exenberger 19:45 Uhr


Kössen - Schwendt

Station Time
ab Zimmerei Exenberger 22:00 pm

Kössen - Walchsee - Durchholzen - Rettenschöss

Station Time
ab Zimmerei Exenberger 22:20 pm

Kaiserwinkl Alpin Ballooning 2018 (Tirol TV)

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