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Culinary delights in the Kaiserwinkl

Flowery meadows, crystal clear creeks and fresh alpine air are the basics for our perfectly wonderful regional BIO- products.
Our cows get feeded with aromatic herbs, and sweet hay which guarantees the unique „Heumilch“. This milk is the secret recipe for the delicious „Heumilchkäse“. There are many cheese variations to explore from mild ones with chive and beer to very spicy ones like Almkäse, Emmentaler and tasty Sennkäse. But not only the famous cheese is worth to taste, there are lots of specialities to savour. You have to try Tyrolean bacon and meat, homemade noodles, handpicked herbal teas, schnaps and liqueurs, beer and vinegar, exceptional chocolates, fresh coarse rye bread, healthy honey, fresh water fish and much more – in outstanding BIO quality.

  • Kaiserwinkl, Genuss, Kulinarik, Käse
    Kaiserwinkl, Genuss, Kulinarik, Käse
  • Kaiserwinkl, Heumilchkäse, Radfahren
    Kaiserwinkl, Heumilchkäse, Radfahren
  • Kaiserwinkl Heumilchkäse
    Kaiserwinkl Heumilchkäse

Nowadays six dairies in Kaiserwinkl produce their milk exclusively as hay milk and process it into hay milk cheese without any additives. It is a permanent fixture in supermarkets all around the region and can be found on most of the breakfast buffets of the accommodations.
Our cheese and the other regional deliciousness is not only for degustations but also for celebrating different festivals like the Kaiserwinkl Cheese festival in Kössen. There are a range of exquisite meals to taste, all day long accompanied with live music between the food stands. The event takes place in the centre of the village of Kössen.

Sennereien Kaiserwinkl

  • Kaiserwinkl Sennerei Kössen
  • Almkäserei Burgeralm
  • Almkäserei Feldalm
  • Sennerei Danzl
  • Almkäserei Stubenalm
  • Bio-Käserei Walchsee
  • Schulerhof Rettenschöss

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