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Fischzucht Brunner

Fischzucht Brunner
Schmiedweg 6
6385 Schwendt
  • (0043) 5375 29069



The fish farm Brunner Kili in Kohlenbachtal at Schwendt
As a school of fish they swim in a circle and shine in a bright silver tone: the annual rainbow trout in the fish pond of Nikolaus Brunner. For the breeder, the behavior of his fish is a good sign. By the color of the skin one can recognize, whether the individual animals have enough space. The trout adapt their drawing to the environment, explains Nikolaus Brunner: If too many fish live in the pond, they would be almost black, because they cast shadows over each other. But Nikolaus Brunner makes sure that his animals can move in the water.

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Fischzucht BrunnerSchmiedweg 6
A-6385 SchwendtGPS 47.617572 / 12.3876495

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