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Proper behavior when in contact with cows in the mountains


Hiking means for many guests and also locals, recreation in the fresh air and joy over the grazing alpine cattle on the Tyrolean mountains. For dog owners, one thing is clear: the four-legged friend must not be missing. Leashed dogs are welcome on the signposted hiking trails of the Kaiserwinkl. However, there is a lot to be aware of, should you meet the alpine cattle on the mountains.

In encounters with alpine cattle, a certain caution is required to avoid dangerous situations. Especially if you do not know the environment and decide on a new route, the following tips are very helpful and should be considered

Different herds of cattle

  • Herd of suckler cows: special care must be taken with mother animals and their calves. Mother animals and also bulls defend their calves due to the natural protection instinct.
  • Young herds: The younger animals are above all cocky and curious. It can come here very quickly to uncontrolled movements.
  • Cow herd: Here you can find cows that are milked regularly and so are used to close contact with people. Nevertheless, one should not underestimate these.

How do I avoid a conflict?

  • Do not leave the trails
  • Keep distance to the animals (20 - 50 m)
  • Keep calm and do not wield sticks
  • Do not pet them or look in the eyes of the cows
  • Lead dogs on a short leash

In an emergency:

At the approach of the animals: stay calm, do not turn your back and slowly leave the pasture!

The dog absolutely denial if an attack of the animal is foreseeable. Dogs are fast enough to avoid the cattle and this will also distract the dog owner / hiker, so that he can escape from the danger zone.

In an absolute emergency you can defend yourself but with a targeted hit on the nose of the cattle!

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