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Kaiserwinkl Midsummer Festival

23th June 2018 in Rettenschöss

The solstice festival has a wonderful backdrop in the centre of the village of Rettenschöss. So close to the Kaiser mountains, a very special atmosphere unfolds on this evening. The programme of the event starts at 6 p.m., with the focus being on the mountain fires. There is of course plenty of entertainment, with traditional music, dancing, lots of fun and a great ambience, including live music! Hearty Tyrolean foods and all kinds of drinks make the solstice festival a unique experience. The undisputed highlights are the mountain fires, during which clubs and associations from the area light up the mountain summits and surrounding slopes with mountain fires and fire symbols. The event only takes place in good weather.

Highlights of the Kaiserwinkl Midsummer Festival

  • Delicious Tyrolean food
  • Children's programme of events with bouncy castle
  • Fires alight on the slopes of the Kaiser mountains
  • Live music "Trio old Flegl"
  • Free bus transfer service in the Kaiserwinkl
  • Free entry

Events in the Kaiserwinkl - Solstice festival

A free bus transfer in the Kaiserwinkl enables locals and guests alike to enjoy a hassle-free trip to the festival and a safe homeward journey.

From Schwendt and Kössen to Rettenschöss

Bus stop Time
Schwendt Dorfzentrum 19:15 pm
Schwendt Kreuzhäusl 19:16 pm
Eurocamp 19:17 pm
Gasthof Hüttwirt 19:19 pm
VZ Kaiserwinkl 19:20 pm
Landbrücke Kreisverkehr 19:22 Uhr
Hotel Waidachstube 19:23 pm
Hotel Sonneck 19:24 pm
Hochaubrücke/Bichlach 19:26 pm
Hotel Seehof 19:30 pm
Seehotel Brunner 19:31 pm
Infobüro Walchsee 19:33 pm

From Durchholzen to Rettenschöss

Bus stop Time
Durchholzen Amberg 19:35 pm
Durchholzen 19:36 pm
Rettenschöss Primau 19:39 pm
Leitacker Burgerbauer 19:46 pm

From Schwaigs to Rettenschöss

Bus stop Time
Ramsbachstüberl 19:35 pm
Stockerweide 19:36 pm
Stauding 19:39 pm

Return to all destinations

Bus stop Time
from Rettenschöss Dorfzentrum 24:00 Uhr
The festival is organised in association with the Kaiserwinkl tourist office in conjunction with the volunteer fire service in Rettenschöss.

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