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Kaiserwinkl Cattle Drive

The annual cattle drive is one of those festivals in Tyrol that shows off the superb embodiment of an agricultural tradition to locals and guests alike. The "Alm Hoamfahr'n" cattle drive in Kössen is alive and well. This is the time when the alpine cattle are taken through the village, adorned with colourful decorations and with their bells resounding, accompanied by the proud alpine farmers and their helpers. The ambience which visitors get to enjoy at this event is truly unique. And it is this uniqueness that everyone can be very proud of. The event takes place whatever the weather and entry is free!

September 22, 2018 'Almhoamfahr'n'

10:30 to 16:00 in the village center Kössen

With a historic parade and a great supporting program

  • 10:30 am Invasion of the Federal Music Chapel Kössen - afterwards concert at the music pavilion
  • Cannon group of the "Landsturm 1809" association Kössen
  • The flag of the country youth Kössen
  • Schlechinger Alphornbläser
  • Berger Goaßlschnalzer
  • Noriker Verein Kössen with the historical move
  • Entertainment with the "Koasawinkl musicians" and the "Fuchs Buam"
  • Delicacies from the Kaiserwinkl
  • schnapps and cheese sales
  • From about 12:30 am the colorful Almvieh come through the village, accompanied by the proud alpine farmers and their helpers.


Rettenschöss - Durchholzen - Walchsee - Kössen

Bus stop Time Time
Rettenschöss Primau 09:43 am 10:34 am
Rettenschöss Fuchsanger 09:44 am 10:35 am
Rettenschöss Schmidtal 09:47 am 10:38 am
Walchsee Durchholzen 09:49 am 10:40 am
Walchsee Durchholzen Amberg 09:50 am 10:41 am
Walchsee Kleinmoosen 09:51 am 10:42 am
Walchsee Sparmarkt 09:52 am 10:43 am
Walchsee Dorf 09:53 am 10:44 am
Walchsee Hotel Bellevue 09:54 am 10:45 am
Walchsee Seehotel Brunner 09:55 am 10:46 am
Kössen Kranzach 09:56 am 10:47 am
Kössen Kranzacherbrücke 09:57 am 10:48 am
Kössen Bichlach 10:00 am 10:51 am
Kössen Hotel Sonneck 10:03 am 10:54 am
Kössen Hotel Waidachstube 10:05 am 10:56 am
Kössen Bruckwirt 10:06 am 10:57 am
Veranstaltungszentrum Kaiserwinkl 10:09 am 11:00 am

Schwendt - Kössen

Bus stop Time
Schwendt Ort 09:58 am
Schwendt Unterschwendt 09:59 am
Schwendt Kreuzhäusl 10:00 am
Kössen Bruckwirt 10:02 am
Veranstaltungszentrum Kaiserwinkl 10:03 am


Kössen - Walchsee - Durchholzen - Rettenschöss

Bus stop Time Time
from Veranstaltungszentrum Kaiserwinkl 16:17 pm 17:27 pm

Kössen - Schwendt

Bus stop Time
from Veranstaltungszentrum Kaiserwinkl 15:55 pm

Events in Kaiserwinkl - Almhoamfahr´n

28. Kaiserwinkl Almhoamfahr´n 2017 Kössen (Tirol TV)

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