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Corona and further information

A "lockdown light" has been in effect since Monday, February 8th. Trade, schools, museums, libraries, body-friendly service providers and animal parks are open under certain conditions, the previous exit restriction only applies between 8 p.m. and 6 a.m., leaving the private living area is only possible under certain exceptions. A vacation is not considered a basic necessity of daily life - restaurants and hotels remain closed - until at least end of April 2021.

1. Schools will switch to distance learning until 08.02.2021
4. Home office should apply wherever it is possible.
5. The exit restrictions will apply until 08 th of February 2021.
You can only leave the house for the known reasons:
- Meeting the basic needs of daily life
- Support, care & assistance
- Avoidance of an immediate danger to life, limb and property
- Professional reasons
- Physical & mental recovery (e.g. individual sports, walks)
From 08.02.2021 the exit restrictions from 8:00 p.m. to 6:00 a.m. will apply.

You can also find information on the current situation at

What restrictions are to be expected in public life?Show contents

Measures for the public space

In public spaces, a minimum distance of one meter must be maintained from all people with whom you do not live in the same household.

Federal Government recommendation: Wear mouth and nose protection (FFP2-mask) where the minimum distance of 2 meter cannot be maintained.

Wearing a FFP 2 face mask is compulsory in the following cases:

  • in public transport and taxis
  • for events in closed rooms (except for the assigned seat)
  • in cable cars and cog railways, coaches and in the interior of excursion boats
  • in all shops (incl. shopping center)
  • in bank and post office branches as well as with postal partners
  • in pharmacies, nursing homes, hospitals and health spas, as well as in places where health and nursing services are provided
  • at outdoor markets
  • in inns and restaurants outside the assigned space
  • in the service sector
  • when dealing with parties in authorities
  • in schools outside the class
  • with all forms of customer contact
  • in public transport and taxis
  • For events in closed rooms (except for the assigned seat)


  • maybe allowed to open after easter
  • are only allowed to offer food for pick-up from 6 a.m. to 7p.m., direct consumption in catering establishments is no longer permitted (exception: canteens and accommodation providers for catering for their guests)
  • Food can be delivered around the clock.


  • In principle, accommodation providers have to close until at least end of april 2021
  • Accommodation facilities may be used in exceptional cases, especially for professional purposes
  • Maintain a distance of at least 1 meter from other people except for people from the same household or fellow travelers from the same household.
  • When entering generally accessible areas in closed rooms, guests must wear mouth and nose protection
  • Do not travel if there are any signs of illness.
  • Contact the host if there are any signs during your stay.
  • The same hygiene rules apply in the wellness areas, gastronomy and breakfast buffet as in gastronomy.

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